Top Four Most Rewarding Careers

Every graduate has a dream of securing a rewarding job after school. A rewarding career is not achieved overnight. It takes some time and sacrifices before realizing your career goals. Every individual has his or her target when choosing a career to pursue.

Some may pursue a career out of love and others out of the money earned. In this regards, top careers can be rewarding to an individual regarding emotional satisfaction or financially. A rewarding career can as well be regarded as the best paying and enjoyable at the same time. I have compiled below a list of the top four most rewarding careers in the world.


Nurse and patient Nurses take care of sick people, and they are indispensable to the health care fraternity, as any doctor or former patient can testify. Educational requirements for one to become a nurse are very rigorous. However, there are several post-secondary institutions which train the future professionals.

Nursing is a career that an individual must have the heart of helping people who are suffering from ailments. Although it is paying well, most nurses say that they do out of love. Therefore, Nursing can be rewarding if you love helping people and financially at the same time.
If you are determined to earn a high income and take the human health responsibility, then you need to specialize in the clinical work. Nursing is a career that is in high demand. Currently, this is because there are few medical practitioners according to world health organization.

Civil Engineering

Without talking about other engineering fields, civil engineers feel a balance between the civil service and compensation. Compared to other engineers, the civil engineers happen to see and manipulate things that they create. Civil engineers help in the construction of highways, railways and the sewage systems.

When an individual looks at the road he or she has constructed he or she becomes proud, not to mention the earnings. This work requires one to stay at the site for several days without having time with the family. Therefore, for you to become a civil engineer, you must sacrifice a lot.

Teachingkids playing

Teaching is the most widespread rewarding career. Teaching is arguably the only career that rivals the health care sector. If you are aspiring to become a teacher, you are thinking of making a difference to the next generation; this is very much rewarding. Teaching in most third world countries is the lowest paying career. Anyway, teachers are often satisfied once they make a difference to young person’s lives. It is a teacher’s pride to see his or her student become great and productive in this competitive world.


Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the riskiest careers to choose. It can greatly harm you financially, or become a very lucrative and most rewarding career. Entrepreneurs enjoy freedom in the process of realizing their lifetime goals. However, its success requires intense devotion in research and trying out new ventures. Once you are educated and financially stable, you can become an entrepreneur.