Best Board Games for Students and Their Benefits

Board games have been played in almost every culture of society throughout history. There are several different genres and styles. Board games, such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, and Battleship, can depend on strategy, timing, or a mix of both, and usually also have a goal that players try to achieve before their competitors. I grew up in America with several popular board games before video games were commonplace in every home. Here are the best board games of all time that never get old.

best board games


The Scrabble word game consists of just two to four players earning points by placing tokens, each with a letter, on a board consisting of a 15×15 grid. The game’s object was to collect letters, form words, collect the maximum number of words, and beat the other players. The sport encouraged many replicants to improve their language base and general literary skills. I remember playing Scrabble with my cousins and being always frustrated by the crazy number of vowels they were blessed with. However, it gave my loved ones and friends many hours of fun and greatly improved our vocabulary and spelling.

As mentioned, scrabble offers many educational benefits, mainly in developing students’ language skills. A big part of this game is to spell words correctly. Hence, scrabble has been proven to improve young children’s spelling. Also, scrabble motivates students or young children to learn more vocabulary, resulting in the faster development of vocabulary. Finally, scrabble is believed to be the best help for parents who need to teach their young children new vocabularies.


Chess is one of the most popular and oldest games on the planet, played by countless people worldwide. For me, with only 64 squares, it simulates two opposing countries fighting a war with each other until it corners a lone king, who must admit defeat. What I like about the game is that it’s a legitimate test of strategy and intellect. There are no components of chance or luck. As one gets older, it is easy to find instruction on the Internet, but there was rarely any chess documentation. To learn it, an individual had to be taught by someone who had to learn from someone, and so on. I think it’s a vogue trait, a legacy that connects the past to the present moment.

Moreover, chess also offers great educational benefits for young children. Aside from the fun factor, chess is scientifically proven to improve young children’s concentration and motivation. Also, as chess requires great timing and strategy, children who play chess will have better strategic thinking and decision making in the future. Finally, chess can improve young children’s logical and reasoning thinking. To sum up, not only an adult can enjoy the benefits of chess, young children can also enjoy many benefits offered by playing chess.


In this game, the domination of an entire market by one company or entity is called by the Monopoly’s financial duration. It was produced and marketed by the Parker Brothers. Whether you hate it or love it, Monopoly has been a classic in its target audience, both for fun and to pass the time. Everyone has been pushed to the limit by a long game. It certainly seems like the best game in the world when everyone is almost bankrupt, and you own the real estate. Monopoly has evolved and changed over time. At the time, the game was known as “The Homeowners Game.”

Like any other board games, Monopoly also offers huge advantages for students or any other young children. The main benefit of monopoly is to learn and …

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