Reasons Why Parents Should Choose Homeschooling During the Pandemic

Homeschooling is a teaching method at home with a decent situation, which is closely different from a formal or personal school. This school type is convenient for some people. However, some people in particular countries have negative perspectives toward homeschooling. It is based on a poll from According to parents who choose to enroll, some benefits include the ability to closely monitor their child’s education, along with the ability to understand potential learning problems. For many of them, regular schools no longer offer the benefits of one-on-one attention and support. These are some benefits of choosing homeschooling, especially in this pandemic situation;


Avoid Bullying

Many parents report that their children face bullying and pressure at schools they did not want to attend. It relates to violent movements, either verbal or non-verbal. Homeschooling could reduce this action significantly. However, it couldn’t be a guarantee because we can’t predict children’s behavior like the past time. Therefore, it would be best if the parents evaluate the reputation and credibility of the school.

Time Flexibility

Time could decrease children’s interest. Few educational institutions offer a high level of education, and children may not have to learn in certain classes and schools. Residential learning is a means to eliminate all problematic situations. In a comfortable environment, children gain knowledge without being disturbed while learning. Therefore, they can optimize their time to do other essential things.

Learning Opportunities

Children have more opportunities for general development with homeschooling. They can also include information in lessons that are not included in college classes. It helps the teacher could put more focus on each student regarding the number of students in each class. It means the students can understand the materials deeply. Therefore, students could improve their education skills significantly.


As a parent, you can also save money with homeschooling because you do not have to travel or pay for tuition, school uniforms, and other materials. Alternatively, you can save money and invest in extracurricular activities such as taking physical education classes or analyzing the pool. However, some homeschooling is more expensive than the formal school. In this case, parents don’t need to spend more money to prepare their children’s needs for school.

According to the explanation above, parents should be aware of the negative aspects of homeschooling. It helps them to determine the perfect school for their children. However, if you are going to register your children, you better consider choosing to homeschool. It is the best option for this pandemic situation. Therefore, parents don’t need to worry about their children while away from home.…

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