Challenges Teachers Face In Class And The Solutions

Teachers are responsible for passing down knowledge to students. In their course of this great course of teaching, they have to deal with various challenges. The good teachers remain committed to their work despite the many problems faced. Below is some of the problems teachers face in class.

Show of ignorance and neglecting behavior by students

Some of the young students do not know how important education is to their life. This is why they end up showing such behavior. When a class has such students, the teacher will get frustrated in the course of their teaching. This can be solved by understanding what their students have interests in and also encouraging them to achieve their goals.

Disrespectful behavior by the studentsteacher

Some students are just disrespectful. This is more so among the teenagers since they get their rude behaviors and attitudes from the numerous movies or television shows they watch. This is a problem that cannot be solved by the teachers only. It calls for including their parents. The parents should be encouraged to be involved in their children’s academic affairs. When they are involved, they should help their children be respectful to both their parents and teachers.

Lack of cooperation and guidance from the parents

The success of a student is also influenced by the support the parents give to the teachers. But if the parents start attacking the teachers and siding with their unruly children it becomes difficult for the teachers to discharge their duties. This leads to frustration in the classroom. Parents should not blindly defend their children without knowing what their behavior is like in the first place. They should strive to cooperate with their teachers which will help them in the teaching of their children to be better members of the society.

Use of cell phones in class

The cellphones are both a blessing when used in the right way at the right time and also a curse when used at the wrong place and time like during class time. Most schools have a rule barring the use of cellphones in class. However, some students go ahead and still use them in class especially when the teacher is teaching. This brings competition of attention by the teacher and the cell phone. Such students should be dealt with appropriately to help the teacher have the students’ maximum attention while in class.

Misuse of computers

teacher in classWe all appreciate the role of technology in our classrooms hence the use of computers during class time. Computers are meant to help the students in their research and wide reading. However, some students end up misusing the computers like playing computer games during class time among other unruly behavior in class. To help deal with this, the teacher should closely monitor the students during class time.…

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