Educational Advantages Of Scrabble For Children


Scrabble is one of the popular word games in the world. The rule of this game is to arrange new words with the given or provided names. For example, use the letter S to give an example of living things found in the ecosystem. Simultaneously, you have to perform some strategies to avoid your opponents to gain a score of finding the words. No wonder many players try to be better at scrabble. This game not only can support children’s critical thinking skills but also bring enjoyment to the family. As a result, it will benefit one’s general education advancements. The following are several educational advantages of playing scrabble.

For Spelling

The advantage of the game is to find and order the words correctly. The spelling of terms becomes an important part of a child’s growth, as spelling mistakes are often made when writing. They expand their language and learn to write words while they play Scrabble and write expressions in a comfortable place. Playing scrabble definitely helps children improve their understanding and terminology for future classroom improvement.

For Vocabulary

They will notice that if they want to learn something, they have to hold the other hand while developing their thinking skills. Therefore, children will tend to look up new phrases by finding them in the dictionary or expressions. It can help increase their motivation to find new words in the thesaurus, which is useful for improving their speaking and writing skills.

For Social Interaction

The scrabble game offers parents and children the opportunity to interact with each other. It is not easy to inspire them to understand children and sit down. Parents can quickly introduce the game to a child of four or five years old. Also, a fundamental change from the rule practiced at home is that players can enter the dictionary to find the possibilities of speech as long as it is not their turn. In this way, young players do not feel tired waiting for their turn and can take the opportunity to get new words from the dictionary.